29 Palms Base Legal Office

The mission of the Office of Legal Assistance is to provide free legal services to active military personnel, retired military personnel, reserve military personnel on active orders and their legal relatives. The legal assistance team is available to assist eligible clients with a variety of legal issues, including notaries, powers of attorney, wills and other matters listed below. MCAGCC Twentynine Palms` legal support office is able to advise people with legal issues related to theft or fraudulent use of credit cards, landlord/tenant issues, contracts and billing errors. ⢠Sharing of your assets and debts• Spousal support ⢠Retirement benefits ⢠Care of your children• Visit• Child allowance. *NOTE: Our law firm does not deal with disputed divorces! The Twentynine Palms Legal Support Office provides limited assistance with immigration matters. We can help you get started with the process, but more detailed help is provided at Camp Pendleton Legal Assistance. We recommend that you visit Camp Pendleton Immigration Brief before getting help with your documents. The signatory MUST appear before the notary or applicant must present the original power of attorney. Please note that this office cannot certify an authentic copy without consulting the original.

Please also make sure that your extra-governmental documents do not require a state notary. Please also note that they cannot certify genuine registered or court documents (e.g. birth certificates, court orders, etc.). Before you come to our office, please note that the CO, XO, administrative officer, legal officer, deputy legal counsel or an O-4 and above from your unit have the opportunity to notarize the documents. Mission The Legal Aid Office with the 29 Palms Legal Services Support Team is responsible for providing free legal and paralegal assistance to uniformed service members, their dependents, retirees and other eligible clients with respect to personal civil law matters. “Dependents” means persons identified in the Sponsor`s service file and/or holding a valid U.S. Uniform Service Identification and Privilege Card. Mutual legal assistance lawyers are available to assist eligible clients with a variety of legal issues, including wills, powers of attorney, notaries, and other matters listed below. The client`s defence contractor received a Justification (SOR) under Arbitration Guideline H – Drug Involvement and E – Personal Conduct for Illicit Drug Use and Prescription Drug Abuse, Positive Tests for Illicit Drug Use and Drug Use while in possession of a security clearance, and failure to disclose drug use as part of a background investigation and security review decision. After the case was presented to an administrative judge of the Defence`s Office of Hearings and Appeals, leave was granted, with the judge ruling on the applicant. Building 1514 across from the base theater and between the main MCX and frontwave Credit Union If your unit is about to be deployed, legal assistance can provide a presentation on powers of attorney and wills.

The unit`s legal officer must contact the legal aid office at least one month prior to the assignment to give our office sufficient time to prepare. Please bring all documents related to your legal issue. Wills The Legal Aid Office can assist in the preparation of BASIC testamentary documents and enthusiastic documents (health guidelines and permanent financial powers of attorney). To help you prepare your will, you will need to come to the office and receive a testamentary questionnaire. Once you have submitted the completed will questionnaire, your office will begin preparing your will. The normal processing time for a will does not exceed 10 working days. They will contact you after completing and revising your will to set a date for the execution of the will, for which you will need to return to the office. For more information on whether their office can help you or not, please contact them. Pre-deployment legal command briefs, will briefs and power of attorney briefs may be requested by units. Applications must be received at least 2 weeks before the desired date. They can call or come to their office in person to arrange an information session. Mission www.jag.navy.mil/legal_services/rlso/rlso_southwest.htm The mission of the Legal Services Support Team is to provide professional and efficient legal staff for active staff, retired staff, dependents and spouses in Andnine Palms and the surrounding area.

Reliable and efficient litigation services, administrative legal services and defence services are also provided to commands and personnel on board the MCAGCC. Legal assistance can help with the preparation of basic wills, a permanent financial power of attorney and health directives. If you would like a will, please complete the will spreadsheet using the link below. After completing it, turn the worksheet into a legal advice office. Once the will is established, an appointment will be made for the execution of your will. 29 Palms MCB is located in the southern Mojave Desert in San Bernardino County, California. It is home to the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, the largest Marine Corps training base in the world. The MCAGCC was created during the 2nd.

World War II is tasked with conducting urban operations, building live-fire training combined with weapons training, and promoting readiness through integration training at the joint/coalition level. The training includes numerous field operations with live ammunition, artillery, tanks and close air support, in addition to “Combat Town”, a replica of a Middle Eastern village that includes a mosque, indigenous role players and other immersive touches. This training is intended to prepare units for deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan. The following power of attorney documents may be collected during normal business hours. The USCIS office is now accepting electronic applications. Fees are set by the USCIS office. For more information, see the following link. Divorce In order for the legal office to help you with your divorce, you must attend its mandatory dissolution letter, which takes place every Wednesday at 800 a.m.

in its office, Building 1514. It is served on a first-come, first-served basis. No exceptions according to 0815. If you do not attend our information session, they will not provide you with divorce-related services. (paperwork, advice, etc.) The legal aid office is located in Building 1514 aboard the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (between the fire department, the Pacific Marine Credit Union, the base theater next to the main exchange). To provide better legal assistance, please bring all relevant documents and do not bring children to your appointment so that the office can have your full attention. Building 1514 is located across the street from the Sunset Cinema and between the Marine Corps Exchange (MCX) and Frontline Bank. Undisputed means that both spouses agree on all matters related to divorce: Delegation of authority MarAdmin: www.marines.mil/News/Messages/Messages-Display/Article/1571759/delegation-of-authority-to-certify-honorable-service-for-purposes-of-naturaliza/. Delegation of authority to certify honourable services for naturalization purposes.

Passports: www.usps.com/international/passports.htm appointments will ONLY be arranged by e-mail; Multiple emails are not considered. Briefings – only provided on WednesdayS OPEN HOUSE AT 0730. Front and back on a sheet of paper (see examples). www.miramar.marines.mil/Departments/Legal-Services-Support-Team/ These checklists are provided for informational purposes only and are subject to change. You must give the person a list to collect supporting documents. You will receive an updated checklist when you make an appointment with the legal offices of Camp Pendleton or Twentynine Palms. If you are an active member of the military, you and anyone registered as your loved one can receive services to help you with your citizenship status. For adopted children – copy of the final adoption order. Mediation If you and your spouse have opted for mediation after participating in the dissolution order, you can make an appointment for mediation at the legal department.

To schedule mediation, you must attend the dissolution letter and then file an application with the court. Bring all documents related to your dissolution, including but not limited to: court records, your current vacation and earnings certificate and/or pay slips, bank account information, credit card information, and vehicle information. Only an original or a certified copy of a birth certificate issued by a state, county, local authority, or property far from the United States and bearing an official seal is acceptable. The USCIS overseas office closes and modifies the USCIS policy regarding foreign-born children. travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports.html/passport_1738.html. G-1145, Electronic Notification of Acceptance of Requests/Petitions IMPORTANT: *You must have a valid Department of Defense ID card to participate in oral arguments.* Fraud Prevention: Do not copy multiple pieces of identification onto a single piece of paper. The person in the photo must have a neutral expression and be in front of the camera. Military ID: Copy of your military ID card on both sides and back on a single page. The U.S. Division of Citizen and Immigration Services has an online website that provides the most up-to-date forms and resources: www.uscis.gov/ only required if you were born out of wedlock, if your parents were never married, or if your parents are separated/divorced. Special Power of Attorney: Grants another person the right to perform the actions you choose on your behalf.

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