Types of Projects

What kind of projects do you fund and where?

As a small foundation, we are particularly drawn to pilot projects and providing seed money. We also encourage planning grants and other capacity-building strategies. Most of our funding goes to geographies in which the trustees have a history: the North Country of New York, southern Connecticut, the Adirondacks, and Cambodia. Advocacy funding is almost always national in scope.

Is there a minimum or maximum time frame for the projects you support?

No. The time frame should realistically reflect the amount of time it will take you to activate your goals.


How can we apply?

Grants are by invitation only, and grantees are often well-known to the trustees before grants are awarded. However, if you feel that your organization is an excellent fit, please contact us with a letter of inquiry as described in the grant guidelines.

What is your funding cycle?

Applications are by invitation only. Once grantees go through the LOI process, applications are sent out in mid year. The trustees make their decisions in October, and grantees are alerted soon after.


Do you support capital campaigns?

We have never funded bricks and mortar.

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