Mission & Vision

Our Mission Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

There is a tendency for non-profits to think that if they just had more money, they could work harder and get more done. We think differently. We believe that by focusing on the strengths of the non-profit, we can help find tactics of effectiveness– leverage points such as pilots, use of media, planning grants and strategic plans—to broaden and deepen their work.

Our theory of change includes the idea that the Foundation’s mission will be fulfilled if we encourage the following:
  • Young people are taught to respect and care for the natural resources around them. Too many of us are cut off from relationship to the natural world, even in rural areas. We hope our grantees will convey that the human environment is part of the natural environment. Through hands on, multiple exposures to the outdoors, young people build competence, self-confidence, and the power to imagine new opportunities for themselves and their community.
  • A job solves many problems. We look for ways to encourage entrepreneurship in rural areas so that young people will be encouraged to stay and older people will be able to trust their own future. In cities we fund opportunities that let the underserved participate in the green economy.
  • The arts bring a community together. Celebration of the arts can create common ground, encourage tolerance, and even help heal a nation torn apart by war. We focus on supporting the business needs of arts organizations, so that artists are free to do what they do best.
  • We believe that tolerant and engaged communities are the key to a civil society.
  • Advocating for tolerance is infused throughout the grantmaking when international culture is celebrated; underserved people are given equal opportunity to better themselves; and economic differences are lampooned. We also seek granting opportunities that cultivate a spirit of inclusiveness and mutual respect.
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